Diamond Lines

Diamond Lines

Diamond Lines is a puzzle game with nice graphics and relaxing music
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Diamond Lines is a puzzle game with nice graphics and relaxing music.
You have to switch the positions of colored diamonds, in order to form groups of three or more same colored diamonds, in order to clear them out of the board.

The groups can be formed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can move any big diamond to any position in the board, but sometimes you won´t be able to move them.

You don´t have to obtain a match with every movement, but the number of diamond will increase if you don´t.

You will see an indicator on the top of the screen. If that indicator becomes empty, you lose a life.

You will be awarded point each time you form a group, according to the quantity of diamond, how many squares you needed to cross to form it, or the size of the diamonds.

You will also have some special diamonds that will allow you to dissolve the diamonds more quickly. Some diamonds will have two colors, they can be used to match diamonds with any of the two colors.

You can play in three different modes: Arcade, Puzzle or Classic.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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